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 To the student: You should always aim at getting an "A" on every exam, and especially on the final exam, since some instructors weigh the final exam more than a class exam. Do not say " I just want to pass." Show all work, even if the exam is of the multiple-choice-answer type.  Since the final exam may be given a few days (or the next day) after the last class meeting, you should begin preparing for the final exam, at least, three weeks (or better, four weeks) before the final exam date. To excel on the final exam, give yourself sufficient time for preparation. Confer with your instructor to obtain all the topics that would be covered by the end of the semester or term. In addition to the textbook and the class notes, refer to other math textbooks, and notebooks of family members.       For Yellowtextbooks, click

Wishing you good luck on the final exam.  Coming soon: Individual school or college course numbers.  Click the option below according to course title.   Also, Print the following: Helpful Instructions for Preparation                                                                                                         

Option 1
              Final Exam Review:    
Option 2
           Final Exam Review:    
Elementary Algebra
Option 3  
    Final Exam Review        Intermediate Algebra
Option 4  
            Final Exam Review:
Elementary Mathematics 
            (Arithmetic & Algebra)  
                    Option 5                      Final Exam Review:      Intermediate Mathematics (US)            (Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry)     
Option 6  
        Final Exam Review
 College Algebra
Option 6b   (John Jay College) 
MAT 104 & MAT 105
Option 7  
            Final Exam Review:             
     College Trigonometry
Option 8  
Final Exam Review: 
College Algebra & Trigonometr
            Option 9                           Final Exam Review:               Calculus 1 & 2                 (Super )              
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